This work investigates the role of womanhood in culture and how it shapes our understanding of life.There is a strong emphasis on ritual and it is part of everyday life in ways we don't even recognize. This work honours the woman, because she is the one who carries life into the present world, as we know it and also maintained the cycle of it. The offering and slaughtering of an animal is a mayor part of any ritual. Women do not normally do the act of slaughtering.

This is about a woman in the act and it is a sacred ritual celebrating life. The woman is the one who holds and protects life throughout her own life. A society needs to respect the woman as the bearer of life, and not slaughter her, as is sometimes the case.

Our consumer-mad society doesn't take part in the slaughtering of animals anymore, which makes it easy for us to treat and dispose of food as we wish. Respect towards the animal in the circle of life is important. I want the viewer to look at the slaughtering of an animal not as a repulsive act, but as a sacred and respectful act. If we have to slaughter animals ourselves we will certainly become more careful in the way we use and dispose of food.

Let us celebrate life and womanhood with care, in sacredness and enjoy the feast!

Music: Kevin McLeod.

Video: Womanhood